Chris Kottke, Mathematics, New College of Florida


2021-present: Associate Professor of Mathematics, New College of Florida.

2016-2021: Assistant Professor of Mathematics, New College of Florida.

Fall 2019: Research Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

2013-2016: Research Instructor, Mathematics Department, Northeastern University.

2010-2013: Tamarkin Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, Brown University.

2010: Ph.D. Mathematics, MIT. Student of Richard Melrose.


Global analysis and topology of moduli spaces, geometric microlocal analysis, mathematical physics.


My research broadly concerns geometric moduli spaces and topological invariants, especially those involving noncompact and singular spaces, with an approach through the analysis of partial differential equations. I specialize in the methods of geometric microlocal analysis (pseudodifferential and Fourier integral operators on manifolds), index theory and analysis on manifolds with corners. I am especially interested in problems set within the intersection of analysis, geometry and topology, and in problems arising from mathematical physics, particularly gauge theory and string theory.

My current research projects include

Previously, I did some work in applied mathematics on perturbation theory for anisotropic dielectric interfaces, and before that, on large scale parallel numerical simulation of fluid dynamics.

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