Distribution Theory, Spring 2019

Mon 4/29: Parametrix for elliptic operators.

Thu 4/25: Fourier transform and elliptic PDE.

Mon 4/15: Schwartz space and tempered distributions.

Mon 4/8: Fundamental Solutions continued.

Mon 4/8: Fractional integration and differentiation in 1D.

Thu 4/4: Fundamental Solutions.

Mon 4/1: Convolution of Distributions continued.

Thu 3/28: Convolution of Distributions.

Mon 3/25: Pullback, pushforward, and invariance of distributions.

Mon 3/4: Pushforward and pullback of distributions.

Thu 2/28: Multiplication by functions.

Mon 2/25: Compactly supported distributions.

Thu 2/21: Localization and support of distributions.

Mon 2/18: Taylor approximation in several variables.

Thu 2/14: Derivatives and limits of distributions.

Mon 2/11: Distributions continued.

Thu 2/7: Distributions defined.

Mon 2/4: Test functions continued.

Thu 1/31: Test functions.

Mon 1/28: Motivational examples.