Math 3150 Real Analysis, Fall 2015

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Instructor: Chris Kottke

Office: 455 Lake Hall


Office hours: Mon 10:30-12:00, Thu 12:00-1:30

Text: Elementary Analysis, by Kenneth Ross. 2nd Ed. Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics. (ISBN 978-1-4939-0128).


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Analysis is one of the three pillars of modern mathematics, along with algebra and geometry. Broadly speaking, it is concerned with the study of functions, usually of one or more real or complex variables, and their properties such as continuity, differentiability and integrability. In this course, we will build up the foundational elements of real-variable analysis: the completeness and topology of the real numbers and Euclidean space, continuous functions on this space, and the classical theorems of single variable calculus.

While some of the results will be familiar from your basic calculus courses, our treatment will be entirely rigorous, and you will develop the ability to write sound mathematical proofs. The course will be challenging -- you will be expected to spend time studying the text and solving difficult homework problems, many of which you will not be able to solve right away. Learning to do modern mathematics is not something which can be done passively, but rather requires active practice, perseverance, and patience.

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