Complex Analysis, Fall 2018

Mon 12/3: A glimpse at Riemann surfaces.

Fri 11/30: Riemann mapping theorem.

Wed 11/28: Riemann mapping theorem.

Mon 11/26: Conformal mappings continued.

Wed 11/21: Conformal mappings continued.

Mon 11/19: Conformal mappings continued.

Fri 11/16: Conformal mappings.

Wed 11/14: Analytic continuation of Zeta.

Fri 11/9: Fourier transform and Poisson summation continued.

Wed 11/7: Basel problem, a bit on Fourier transform and Poisson summation.

Mon 11/5: Gamma function continued.

Fri 11/2: Weierstrass products, Hadamard’s theorem.

Wed 10/31: Infinite products continued, Weierstrass products.

Mon 10/29: Infinite products continued, Weierstrass products.

Fri 10/26: Order of growth of entire functions, infinite products.

Wed 10/24: No lecture.

Mon 10/22: Jensen’s Formula.

Fri 10/12: The Gamma function.

Wed 10/10: Complex logarithm continued.

Mon 10/8: Open mapping, simply connected domains, and the complex logarithm.

Wed 10/3: Argument principle.

Wed 10/3: Characterization of singularities, argument principle.

Mon 10/1: Residue Theorem Applications.

Fri 9/28: Zeroes and Poles and the Residue Theorem.

Wed 9/26: Consequences of Cauchy’s integral formulas.

Mon 9/24: Consequences of Cauchy’s integral formulas.

Fri 9/14: Cauchy’s Integral Formulas, continued.

Wed 9/12: Cauchy’s Integral Formulas.

Mon 9/10: Cauchy-Goursat Theorem.

Fri 9/7: Integration along curves continued.

Wed 9/5: Power series continued, contour integrals.

Fri 8/31: Holomorphic functions, power series.

Wed 8/29: Complex functions.

Mon 8/27: The Complex Plane.